Virtual Grenada Chocolate Tour


Now that you’re familiar with all the various stages of chocolate productions, why not take a virtual tour of the operations of  The Grenada Chocolate Company?

Just follow this link to see their operations in flowchart form.  Click anywhere on the flowchart for more details, photos, etc.

Here is more information on this unique organic dark chocolate producer, who take sustainability to new heights by delivering their chocolate to Europe on a traditional sailing vessel with no engine!  Check out the video here:

This link leads to Grenada’s home page, where you can select photos and videos about the sustainable manufacturing of their chocolate.

They actually have bragging rights regarding their 82% chocolate bar, which won the 2011 Silver Medal from The London Academy of Chocolate Awards.  Their 71% bar also won the Silver Medal from The London Academy of Chocolate Awards in 2008.


The London Academy of Chocolate was founded in 2005.

Members of the Academy are committed to ethically and transparently-sourced fine chocolate, and they follow a strict definition of what chocolate is in terms of its content.  Their awards recognize some of the finest chocolates, and attracts entries from producers from all over the world.


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