Field Trip – Delight Homemade Organic Fair Trade Chocolate

Delight Chocolates has two locations offering its handmade, fair trade, organic chocolates. The original shop is in the Junction and the newer shop is on Queen Street West.  Both offer delicious handmade chocolates in flavours such as cardamon-rosewater, salted caramel and even blue cheese.  We went to the Queen West location where we interviewed the very friendly and helpful staff, and tasted some of their homemade ice cream and chocolates.

The flavour of the caramel milk chocolates blew me away, as did the dark chocolate with gold leaf.

Unbelievably, they even make a Quebec Blue Cheese chocolate, complete with a fleur-de-lis decoration.  Other imaginative flavours include fig and balsamic, chocolate caramel with smoked sea salt, grapefruit and chili, and walnut and fleur de sel.

It’s nice to people who are so skilled and passionate succeeding at what they do, and it’s lucky for us that they’re doing it right here in Toronto.  As a self-proclaimed hopeless chocoholic, I’m always looking for that next fix, different and better than the last last one.  I found it at Delight, and I’ll definitely be back.

Delight – Junction location – street view

Friendly staff – Dominique Vanolm

My purchases
Top left: Walnut fleur de sel (dark)
Top right: Ice wine (dark)
Hazelnut toffee (milk)
Bottom right: Maple butter (milk)
Each chocolate was better than the next, with creamy and flavourful centres, and very high-quality chocolate coatings. If I was forced to choose, though, it would be a battle between the walnut and fleur de sel and the ice wine.


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