Field Trip – Odile Chocolat

Odile runs a small retail operation compared to others, but is nevertheless quite busy with her corporate and other pursuits.  She took the time to explain what she does and how she does it.  Her knowledge of different chocolates, their origins, flavour profiles and flavour pairings seems endless.  Her handmade truffles are inventive – one even contained mushrooms – and are made from 54 percent Callebaut chocolate.  The flavours range from lavender, cognac and chai masala to vodka, grapefruit, cardamon and even black trumpet mushroom.  Her chocolate are not only delicious but beautiful.

Although I didn’t get to try her brownies, I hear that that they are out of this world and sell out fast.

Odile recently won the gold Reader Choice award for best chocolate by the Villager, and her truffles were served to HRH Prince Charles and Camilla during their recent visit to Toronto.

Odile’s group photo with Prince Charles

She is a very gracious and talented lady.

Do yourself a favour and drop in to see Odile.  You’ll be very glad you did!

Odile Chatelain, proprietor

Odile’s Chocolate Bark

One of my purchases

Another of my purchases

My favourite purchase of all!


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