Field Trip – SOMA Chocolatemaker

We started our day-long chocolate adventure at SOMA Chocolatemaker on King Street West, Toronto.  This location is a newer one.  The original one is in the Distillery District.  Chocolate beans are roasted, ground and conched at the Distillery location.  Both locations make chocolate confections, dutched cocoa powder, truffles, etc.  I was impressed with the size of the operation and the quality of what I sampled.  The staff, including the owner, were very knowledgable and forthcoming with information.

SOMA’s King Street microfactory

SOMA’s King Street microfactory

Yuri Fraser, a SOMA employee at the King Street location. Not only was he friendly and helpful in spite of how busy he was, but he was very knowledgeable about every single product they produce and sell. Very impressive.  And he made me a killer hot chocolate.

SOMA’s Dark Side of the Mug hot chocolate

Hated it. KIDDING!

SOMA single-origin chocolates, truffles and a cocoa pod

SOMA chocolate cake, cocoa pod and mexican molonillos

SOMA dutched cocoa powder

SOMA chocolate bars

SOMA pure chocolate and nibs

A traditional Italian chocolate-coffee concoction

One of my purchases – SOMA hot chocolate. While they’re famous for their spiced Mayan hot chocolate, I took home the hazelnut version, which was delicious.

Another SOMA purchase – two truffles (top two) and four different single-origin chocolates (bottom four). The single origin chocolates were from the Ivory coast, Papua New Guinea and Madagascar, and the nuances were noticeable between them. All were delicious. The top left truffle was coconut passion fruit, their flavour of the month. I mainly tasted the passion fruit but all in all it tasted spectacular. The top right truffle contained an olive oil filling.  Notice the beautiful gloss due to careful and painstaking tempering.


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