Field Trip – The Chocolate Addict

Chocolate Addict, located on Baldwin Street in Kensington Market, sells all kinds of chocolate items, including cocoa powder, fresh chocolate sauce, moulded chocolates and chocolate bars.  The main attraction for me, however, was the truffle counter.  The truffles are made in-house by owner Jeremy Zhang, and are very tasty.  Flavours include peanut butter (salty and sweet), cinnamon (pronounced, yet it doesn’t overpower the chocolate, lavender, basil, chili pepper, cherry, tutti frutti and more.

I was most impressed by the fact that Jeremy uses a rather thick coating of Callebaut couverture chocolate, and even more impressed that he sells it in large blocks at a more affordable price.  This product is difficult to find in retail stores around town.  I usually only see it cut into smaller squares at Whole Foods and the St. Lawrence Market, at a much more exhorbitant price.  Thank you Jeremy.

Kensington Market is closed to traffic for a few hours every Sunday.  This would be the perfect time to drop in and poke around.  Don’t let the location or exterior fool you.  This store is a great little gem.

Chocolate Addict – street view

Selection of handmade truffles

Callebaut blocks for sale (bottom shelf)

Jeremy Zhang, creative candymaker and owner of Chocolate Addict


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