Origin of Chocolate.

Chocolate is made from these beans.

Whenever we hear the word chocolate, most of our mouths start to water because it is one of the most loved foods around. I don’t think we take the time out to actually find out where our chocolate originated from, but before we can enjoy the different types of processed chocolate, we have to know where it comes from.  After doing the research, it amazed me to know where chocolate originated from and all the different jobs and attributes it had before it became actually known.

We all know ‘Cocoa’ but do we really know the difference in words. Cacao: pronounced Ka-Kow. Refers to the tree, its pods and the beans inside. The Theobroma Tree, while Cocoa: pronounced Koh-Koh. Refers to two by-products of the cacao bean – cocoa powder and cocoa butter. Both are extracted from the bean when it is processed in the factory.

Below is a video  that I found that gives you a brief  history and insight as to where chocolate comes from.

From a tree in a rainforest to the shelves of our supermarkets to our mouths, it is amazing to see where it all began.


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