Other Professional Chocolate Products

Chocolate Extract – this is usually made with vodka or some other type of alcohol, much in the same way vanilla extract is made.  It can be added to all sorts of goods such as brownies, cakes, ice creams and terrines to add some extra chocolatey flavour.  A little bit goes a long way, so it is more affordable for certain commercial bakers to use rather than good-quality unsweetened chocolate.  The flavour of chocolate extract compliments vanilla, coffee and other flavourings, and if you make your own, it can really enhance some of your mixed drinks.

In his blog, David Leibovitz describes a fabulous chocolate extract made by an American company called Star Kay White.

“Their chocolate extract is made without heat to avoid ameliorating the true flavor: the beans are soaked in alcohol, then removed. What’s left is a deep-dark brown elixir of highly-concentrated pure chocolate flavor and aroma. If you take the cap off and give it a sniff, the scent of pure chocolate will blow you away.”

Click here for the full article and link to Star Kay White’s website:


Chocolate Oil – this oil is made with both natural and artificial flavours.  I would personally only order the natural version, if at all.  Chocolate oil is highly concentrated and unsweetened.  It is often used by caterers to enhance the flavour and viscosity of chocolate used in chocolate fountains.  It is also used by some commercial bakers in candy, fudge, dipping, baked and specialty confections.

Grocery store versions are usually diluted with large amounts of alcohol and/or water, whereas some specialty companies sell more pure and natural versions.  In the case of natural versions, you only need 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of oil per pound of chocolate, and a 1-ounce  bottle will flavor up to 25 pounds of chocolate.  Not a bad bang for your buck.

Believe it or not, chocolate oil is even used in fractionated (semi-solid or solid) form as a perfume and skin lotion!  This product, which I found online, can be mixed with rose petal oil and used as either one.  Unbelievable.

Fudge Paste – this is a thick, hard, unsweetened paste derived from raw chocolate (and additives), which usually comes in a large pail.  It is mixed with icing sugar and small amount of water until it is runny enough to dip things into, or to pain with.  It is typically used top commercial donuts, éclairs and cream puffs.  It is a much more affordable product than couverture, which is what I would prefer to use.


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